I was born in Chicago, IL and raised in a small town in northern Wisconsin by two incredible parents. My mother is an immigrant from Croatia and a small business owner. My father is the kindest most God-fearing man you'll ever meet. Together, they raised my brother, sister, and me to believe in the inherent value of freedom, faith, virtue, and personal responsibility.

I was a collegiate hockey player at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. My path has not been a straight line; like many others', it has been jagged and filled with obstacles. I spent eight years fighting health issues, losing and regaining my faith, and struggling with the idea that life is worth living. No one's adversity looks the same, but how you react to the adversity comes in only two forms. You either let it hold you down or you don't.


My life has only further solidified my cultural and political viewpoints. We have inherited a divine gift – our unalienable rights. These rights are protected under the greatest political document known to man, the United States Constitution. This document must be fought for. Simply recognizing its existence isn't enough. So, that's what I'm doing. I will never stop fighting for our American values. The day we stop fighting is the day we lose it all.


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